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China snowboard supplier


Manufacturer of skis and snowboards.


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baliswims's vision is to design and make the best skis and snowboards in the world. With manufacturing in Shenzhen, China; prototype capabilities in the USA; and sales and tech support located throughout North America, Europe and Japan; our global team offers the best overall experience covering all phases of the business.

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At Baliswims we know how a snowboard or ski should look, feel and perform. In fact, our ownership loves to use the product we make. Our original founder - Dan Agundes - has been snowboarding since he made his first board in 1987, when he was just 14 years old.


Baliswims does not market for our own brand. Instead, we provide superior design and manufacturing solutions for our demanding customers.

Customized services




The level of expertise, dedication and passion at Baliswims means that we do what others cannot. We have the drive, expertise, machinery and creativity it takes to make the best product in the world.




Baliswims is able to listen to your opinions and feedback and help you design and improve your products, ultimately adding more value to your brand than our competitors can offer.

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Create the perfect custom ski for you personally with our custom ski build options. Our menu of custom build options allows you to adjust the design of your custom ski to match your skiing style, personal attributes and preferences
Custom snowboard process

Appearance design

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Select shape

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Mass production

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our services

Custom designed and manufactured skis

We, Baliswims, are at your service and would be honored to meet your every need regarding skiing. If you have your own design, just provide us the details and we will provide the same model of your dream. No matter what you need, as a leading custom snowboard manufacturer, we are fully capable of meeting your every need.

The shape refers to the actual geometry and tip-waist-tail dimensions of a ski. Whether you’re looking for a narrow carving ski, a floaty powder ski, or anything in between, chances are we have a shape that’ll perform great for your skiing. If none of our geometries fit your bill, ask us about developing a fully custom shape, completely unique to you.

Camber is the height of a ski’s center with respect to the ground, while rocker is the height of the tip and tail. Camber lends itself to a snappier, more carving-friendly ski, while rocker allows for more ease between turns and a floatier ski for soft, deep snow.

Tail shape depends mostly on a skier’s style and has less effect on a ski’s performance. A freeride oriented skier would typically prefer a round tail, while a frontside / carving oriented skier would prefer a flat tail. And of course a swallowtail is best for a surf-inspired, deep snow ride.

The wood types that make up your core are the primary structural components of your skis and dictate their personality.  Optimally balancing weight, stiffness, and dampness.

  1. Poplar & Bamboo – light and lively, our go-to for playful, all-mountain skis
  2. Maple, Poplar, & Bamboo – added stiffness and damping for narrower geometries and heavier, more aggressive skiers
  3. Aspen & Bamboo – out lightest core blend for weight-conscious skiers and uphill / touring setups

A simple bi-product of your height and weight that translates physically to the thickness of your core.  ~80% of customers fall into our “Standard” categorization.

  1. Soft – our thinnest core profile, most forgiving
  2. Standard – suitable and supportive for most customers
  3. Stiff – Our thickest core profile for an aggressive flexing ski

The composites that laminate your ski materials together, again balancing weight and dampness.  Our scale defines composite as the ratio of fiberglass to carbon fiber.

  1. 90 / 10 Glass Carbon – our standard resort blend and dampest offering
  2. 70 / 30 Glass Carbon – a slightly lighter option with 20% more carbon for the weight-conscious skier
  3. 100% Carbon – full carbon laminate for lightweight, dedicated touring skis
the process
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To start your custom skis, contact us via phone, email, or complete a Custom Fit Form on our website

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Relax while we construct your new custom skis. Current turnaround time for new custom orders is 1-2 weeks from when all build information is secured, include graphic choice.

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Enjoy your skis with the peace of mind knowing you’re covered under our 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Chinese snowboard

China snowboard factory

Ski plank

The material of a snowboard is one of the key factors that determine its performance and suitability

the process

Wooden Core

Wooden Core

Traditional ski cores are usually made of wood, such as maple or willow. These wooden cores provide the board’s flex and stability, giving skiers more control over their ride

Synthetic Core

Synthetic Core

Some modern ski cores use synthetic materials, such as polyethylene or foam, to reduce the weight of the board. These cores typically have higher flex, making the board more responsive

Metal reinforcement

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is used to strengthen the structure of the ski, making it lighter, stronger and providing better responsiveness. This material is commonly used in racing and freestyle skis

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