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Unlocking Backcountry Adventures with Splitboards

Imagine the serenity of pristine, untouched snow, vast expanses of the backcountry, and the thrill of exploring the wilderness on your own terms. This is the allure of splitboarding, a snowsport that allows you to venture beyond the confines of traditional resorts and groomed slopes. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of splitboarding, exploring what it is, the equipment you’ll need, how to get started, and the unique adventures it unlocks.


  • The appeal of backcountry snowboarding
  • What is a splitboard?

The Splitboard Setup

  • Components of a splitboard
  • Essential gear for splitboarding
  • Maintenance and care

How to Get Started

  • Building your skills
  • Safety in the backcountry
  • Finding the perfect location

The Beauty of Backcountry Adventures

  • Pristine powder and untouched terrain
  • The tranquility of the wilderness
  • Unique challenges and rewards


  • The freedom and exhilaration of splitboarding
  • Embarking on your backcountry journey


The world of snowboarding offers more than just carving down groomed slopes and hitting terrain parks. For those seeking a unique adventure in the winter wonderland, backcountry snowboarding with a splitboard might be the answer.

What is a splitboard? A splitboard is a snowboard that can be split into two separate skis for ascending uphill terrain. It allows snowboarders to venture into the backcountry, exploring untouched snow and remote locations that traditional resorts can’t offer.

The Splitboard Setup

Components of a Splitboard

A splitboard consists of several essential components:

  • Splitboard: The heart of your setup, it splits into two skis for climbing and rejoins as a snowboard for descending.
  • Climbing Skins: These adhesive strips attach to the bottom of the splitboard for traction when ascending.
  • Bindings: These secure your boots to the board, providing control and stability.
  • Poles: Adjustable poles are used for balance and propulsion while ascending.

Essential Gear for Splitboarding

In addition to the splitboard setup, you’ll need:

  • Boots: Quality snowboard boots designed for backcountry use.
  • Avalanche Safety Gear: This includes a beacon, probe, and shovel for safety in avalanche-prone areas.
  • Backpack: A backpack with essential gear and avalanche airbag for added safety.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance ensures your splitboard performs optimally. Regular waxing, edge tuning, and equipment checks are crucial to enjoy a safe and smooth backcountry experience.

How to Get Started

Building Your Skills

Before embarking on backcountry adventures, build your skills in controlled settings. Take avalanche safety courses, practice splitboard techniques, and become proficient in using your gear.

Safety in the Backcountry

Safety is paramount in the backcountry. Always check the avalanche forecast, travel with a group, and have proper avalanche safety gear. Familiarize yourself with rescue procedures and emergency protocols.

Finding the Perfect Location

Choose your backcountry location wisely. Research potential areas, check local regulations, and be mindful of wildlife and environmental considerations. Respect the wilderness and Leave No Trace.

The Beauty of Backcountry Adventures

Pristine Powder and Untouched Terrain

One of the most enticing aspects of splitboarding is the opportunity to ride pristine powder. Untracked snow, untouched by the masses, offers an unparalleled snowboarding experience.

The Tranquility of the Wilderness

In the backcountry, you’ll find solitude and tranquility. Far from the hustle and bustle of crowded slopes, you can enjoy the serenity of the wilderness.

Unique Challenges and Rewards

Backcountry snowboarding presents unique challenges. As you explore remote and rugged terrain, you’ll face different snow conditions and variable landscapes. The sense of accomplishment and adventure is its own reward.


In the realm of snowboarding, splitboarding opens the door to an entirely new world of adventure. It allows you to escape the confines of traditional resorts, unlock the pristine beauty of untouched snow, and experience the tranquility of the wilderness. With the right equipment, skills, and safety knowledge, you can embark on your backcountry journey, where the freedom and exhilaration of splitboarding know no bounds.

Get ready to unlock backcountry adventures with a splitboard, and experience the winter wonderland in a whole new way.

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