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The shape refers to the actual geometry and tip-waist-tail dimensions of a ski. Whether you’re looking for a narrow carving ski, a floaty powder ski, or anything in between, chances are we have a shape that’ll perform great for your skiing. If none of our geometries fit your bill, ask us about developing a fully custom shape, completely unique to you.



Camber is the height of a ski’s center with respect to the ground, while rocker is the height of the tip and tail. Camber lends itself to a snappier, more carving-friendly ski, while rocker allows for more ease between turns and a floatier ski for soft, deep snow.



Tail shape depends mostly on a skier’s style and has less effect on a ski’s performance. A freeride oriented skier would typically prefer a round tail, while a frontside / carving oriented skier would prefer a flat tail. And of course a swallowtail is best for a surf-inspired, deep snow ride.



The wood types that make up your core are the primary structural components of your skis and dictate their personality. Optimally balancing weight, stiffness, and dampness. Poplar & Bamboo – light and lively, our go-to for playful, all-mountain skis Maple, Poplar, & Bamboo – added stiffness and damping for narrower geometries and heavier, more aggressive skiers Aspen & Bamboo – out lightest core blend for weight-conscious skiers and uphill / touring setups

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We, Baliswims, are at your service and would be honored to meet your every need regarding skiing. If you have your own design, just provide us the details and we will provide the same model of your dream. No matter what you need, as a leading custom snowboard manufacturer, we are fully capable of meeting your every need.

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Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Villa Architect
Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Villa Architect
Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

Villa Architect
Provides advice on which board is right for you, based on your skill level and needs.
Professional appearance design and personalized service help to better understand customer needs and provide tailor-made suggestions and solutions.
Commitment to answer questions and queries within 30 minutes. This timely response is critical to business operations and can help customers solve problems quickly and improve efficiency.