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    American company purchasing ski bindings

    The Baliswims 13 is a versatile binding designed for both alpine and touring boots, making it a great choice for skiers who enjoy a mix of on-piste and off-piste skiing. It offers reliable performance and a consistent release, enhancing your skiing experience.

    The Baliswims is a high-performance binding suitable for advanced skiers. It offers impressive power transfer and stability, making it an excellent choice for those who like to charge down the slopes. Its wide toe and heel pieces enhance power transmission.

    Professional custom snowboard company

    We source the highest quality materials, from the ultra-durable base to the ultra-lightweight core. Whether you choose factory skis or custom skis, all Wagner skis use the same select materials.

    Questions? You’re covered.

    Ski bindings are mechanical devices that secure your ski boots to your skis. They are essential for transferring your movements to the skis and play a critical role in releasing your boots in the event of a fall. Properly adjusted bindings are crucial for safety and control on the slopes.

    Ski bindings are designed to be compatible with specific types of ski boots. Check the specifications provided by the binding manufacturer to ensure they are suitable for your boot type, whether it's alpine, touring, or WTR (Walk to Ride).

    Regular maintenance includes keeping your bindings clean and free of snow and ice. It's also a good practice to inspect them for any visible damage or wear. For more in-depth maintenance and adjustments, consult with a professional ski technician.